Annuity Architects

Annuity Architects

Building credibility is key to establishing trust

With that in mind we have built a platform called Annuity Architects. It’s a very robust way to reinforce the benefits of annuities with your prospects and you can mention you are part of our nationwide network of affiliated agents. Additionally we have a bunch of printed materials you can use. And finally we are happy to get you Annuity Architects business cards. Here is a quick overview of this platform:

  • Professional first class Annuity Architect consumer folders

  • A series of annuity reinforcement articles and brochures.

  • Cover letters and emails with Annuity videos to use with prospects

  • Annuity Architect Business cards for all Agent partners

  • Our office will act as your fulfillment center mailing out our First class Annuity Architects Welcome kit with your business card and cover letter from you.

This platform was designed to work with our Real Annuity Prospects (RAP) lead program. You can learn more about our highly successful RAP leads at the link below: